Lead UX Researcher at Canva
Sydney, AU
As a company with design so central to its DNA, our design teams play an integral part in the vision and success of our company. Our Product Design team across Sydney and Beijing is growing rapidly and needs it's first UX researcher who will plan and conduct user research to generate actionable insights for a variety of projects, and provide direction on Canva’s roadmap through design research. You will be primarily involved in early phases of a project, ensuring the products and features we ship are solving real user problems.
As our first UX researcher, you’ll have the opportunity to develop the user research practice and culture across Canva. Initially, will you will need to be very hands-on however, we expect you to build and lead this team in the short future. 
You will be an integral part of Canva’s growth trajectory by driving projects with high strategic value and working on design research across all of Canva’s products. Focussing on qualitative insights, you will unlock insights for our Product Designers to use as inputs that continue to improve Canva’s product.
You will be an all-rounded qualitative researcher with both planning, facilitation and some design skills.  You will thrive in a fast paced work environment that requires strong problem solving skills and independent self-direction, coupled with an aptitude for team collaboration and open communication.  You should have a passion for understanding and defining the needs and behaviours of customers, and for working with the product teams and key brand stakeholders to create exceptional features that serve the needs of our users. You will share this research passion with and inspire a tight team of designers to follow organisational best practices and deliver consistently world-class design solutions. 
At Canva, successful researchers have the opportunity to exercise and show off all their researcher skills, influence the design direction of the company and see their insights drive features that go live on a regular basis.

You will ...

  • Lead and operationalise the design research practice at Canva. Focussing on using research activities to create actionable, measurable product goals.  
  • Drive and scale the UX research team
  • Drive impact through multiple research methodologies and tools, including qualitative methods such as observation, contextual inquiry, individual interviews, group sessions.
  • Ensure accountability to user insights and goals throughout the product development process and lifecycle.
  • Nurture partnerships with Product Managers, Engineers, Data Scientists and our founders – based on their needs and priorities. 
  • Have a direct impact and work on your own research projects. Writing scripts, Recruiting participants, facilitating interviews and focus groups, gathering insights and communicating them effectively across Canva.
  • Ensure product designs are addressing real user needs. Assisting with strategy, and making sure the design insights are in line with the rest of Canva by collaborating across disciplines.
  • Organise research brainstorms, internal research critique or any other process to nourish an insights-driven and user-led design space. Provide critical and constructive feedback and some design direction to designers.
  • Coordinate effort to establish a more mature qualitative research design practice at Canva. Provide leadership on research techniques, communication and help ensure all Canva products stay user-focussed and solve real user pain. 
  • Ensure adherence to company standards across team members and/or projects. Contributing and helping build a data & user focus mindset to inform any design decision.

What we look for ...

  • 5+ years of research experience within a Product team
  • A strong track-record clearly demonstrating how your research practices have positively impacted product delivery.
  • Solid knowledge of research tools (Lookback, Fullstory, Usersnap, usertesting.com, etc )
  • Experience researching business-to-customer needs. 
  • A strong grasp of recruiting relevant participants successfully
  • Experience in working with designers and product managers across multiple projects.
  • Proven understanding in product delivery and design methodologies.
  • Self-motivated and decisive.
  • Ability to mentor and help designers become better researchers.
  • Ability to work both autonomously and collaboratively.
  • Strong attention to detail, high-quality standards and process.
  • Enthusiastic about learning and sharing with teammates.
  • Ability to work on multiple projects at a time.