Ionospheric Scintillation Scientist at Spire Global

About Spire

Spire Global is a space-to-cloud analytics company that owns and operates the largest multi-purpose constellation of satellites. Its proprietary data and algorithms provide the most advanced maritime, aviation, and weather tracking in the world. In addition to its constellation, Spire’s data infrastructure includes a global ground station network and 24/7 operations that provide real-time global coverage of every point on Earth.

The Ionospheric Scintillation Scientist will actively build the capability to measure, model and predict the occurrence and impact of ionospheric scintillation on trans-ionospheric radio systems. In particular, the Ionospheric Scintillation Scientist will focus on the needs of aviation users who may experience degraded satellite communications and GNSS navigation caused by space weather effects.

As a successful candidate, you will collaborate with data assimilation, machine learning and space weather scientists in Spire, as well as scientists from around the world. You will use radio occultation data from Spire’s own satellites, data from other sources, and Spire’s ionospheric data assimilation model in combination with your knowledge of radio propagation to address a significant real-world problem.

Responsibilities of your role:

  • Build Spire’s ionosphere scintillation measurement and modelling capability, specifically harnessing Spire’s ionospheric data assimilation model and satellite-based ionospheric measurements for real-time ionospheric service alerts to aviation users.
  • Engage with aviation users to understand their requirements and develop relevant tools and systems within the context of the ICAO space weather requirements.
  • Work with team members to measure the skill of scintillation forecasting based on the Spire data assimilation model and other machine learning methods.
  • Coordinate project deliverables and driving each milestone to successful completion.
  • Support Spire’s efforts to develop marketable products based on Spire’s ionospheric data and models.

 Qualifications / Experience:

  • PhD (preferred) or MS in physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, applied physics, or related field and a publication record in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Demonstrated experience in the measurement and modelling of ionospheric scintillation.
  • Expertise in ionospheric radio propagation and the impacts of the ionosphere on radio systems.
  • Knowledge of ionospheric morphology, geophysical indices, and ionospheric data (availability and processing).
  • Ability to design and undertake test and verification campaigns.
  • Exceptionally well-organized, with the ability to go as deep as needed in any project to identify and resolve problems.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Experience and knowledge in computer-based statistics data analysis and post-processing.
  • Fluent knowledge of programming languages (e.g., python and scripting) for debugging and optimizing codes in a Linux environment is required.
  • Demonstration of the ability to work as part of a development team is necessary.