Senior Data Scientist at ZEFR
Los Angeles, CA, US

Duties: The Data Scientist will work as part of our data science team to design, build and optimize large-scale systems to acquire, process, store and understand vast amounts of social media data from sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Extract and analyze data utilizing advanced natural language processing, cutting-edge machine and deep learning technology, computer vision techniques and related languages and packages.  Contribute to ZEFR’s rapidly scaling software/hardware infrastructure and data management demands to keep the company at the forefront of VideoID technology for the content owners and brands. Utilize natural language and image processing algorithms to improve data analysis and cultivation.  Write database queries using SQL and other large-scale data analysis frameworks including Hadoop and Spark.  Work with ZEFR’s online video products and technology to utilize our state-of-the-art development technology stack, including Scala, Python and more, for development in an open-source, fast paced environment.  Contribute to the development of software and analysis of complex data for our large-scale distributed systems, including designing analytical frameworks and machine learning models to facilitate the expansion of key web-based applications for processing large amounts of data.


Requirements: Master’s degree or equivalent in Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics or a related field plus six (6) months of data science, machine learning or related experience utilizing Machine Learning methods; designing and conducting statistical experiments; developing evaluation metrics to measure performance; contributing to internal machine learning pipelines; and working with, analyzing and manipulating large-scale datasets using at least one of the following: Hadoop, Spark, SQL, Python.


Send resume to: Chris Dale, HR, 4101 Redwood Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90066, or fax (310) 392-3006.






GUIDANCE: Please ensure these entries of the Job Order are filled in as shown:


Job Title:                                         Senior Data Scientist

Experience Required:               6 (months)

Education Required:                 Master’s

Number of Openings:                1

Job Start Date:                              January 24, 2020

Job Listing Close Date:             February 26, 2020

Rate of Pay:                                   DOE

Job Duties:                                     Please copy and paste Duties & Requirements, noted above.