Cloudstate Developer at Lightbend
San Francisco, CA, US

Lightbend is developing a cloud platform that makes distributed systems and design patterns consumable as a service. Our mission is to take care of the complexities of running distributed systems, allowing developers to focus on their business logic while delivering resilient and scalable systems. We are taking the traditional stateless FaaS model, and turning it on its head, pushing into the uncharted territory of managing stateful application code, built on the solid foundations of tried and tested distributed computing principles that we have successfully delivered over more than a decade. We are looking for an experienced software developer who is excited to be part of shaping the future of software development.

Candidates can potentially live anywhere in North America, as this is a fully remote position. This is much more than a developer position - we are looking for a multi-talented expert to be a part of building and running our new offering.


Develop, extend, maintain, and operate a Cloud-Native multi-tenant platform for a wide range of users.

Monitor and improve end-to-end platform performance, identify runtime deficiencies, find potential failures, and fix production issues in a fully managed Cloud environment

Build deep, full-stack knowledge of our platforms and applications. 

Work to simplify and automate deployment processes, run-time operations, and provide non-disruptive releases.

Help create and maintain an environment that provides security and privacy for our customers data.

Maintain application reliability and uptime SLAs throughout the application lifecycle using programmatic self-healing and software automation.

Travel occasionally to meet with the rest of Lightbend’s technical team.



Are an experienced developer, with knowledge of the Lightbend technologies and distributed systems, including Akka clustering.

Have a passion for automating the complexities of orchestrating and running multi-tenant cloud application services.

Are accustomed to collaborating with business stakeholders and understanding diverse business requirements.

Have two or more years of experience in distributed systems architecture and runtime requirements.

Are a voracious learner, ready to take on new technologies and techniques quickly and constantly.

Have excellent written and verbal communication skills in at least English.

Are skillful at interacting and working with people; working with a self-organized lean and agile team to mitigate project risks, manage effort, and ensure quality.

Are dedicated to best practices such as 100% source control, automated testing, code reviews, continuous integration, and continuous deployment.

Are biased towards action on tough problems and issues, and focused on your customer’s success.

Are an agent of change, constantly learning and seeking better outcomes.

Are familiar with many of the supporting technologies we use, including Monitoring, Logging, Kubernetes, Service Mesh frameworks, and others.

Are comfortable with several programming languages, including Go (especially for Kubernetes Operator development), Scala, server-side JavaScript.

Are experienced with complex and secure networking environments, including TLS.

Ideally, you also...

Have experience with Google’s Cloud service offerings, GCP, GKE and related services, specifically from an operational perspective.

Have worked on SaaS/PaaS systems.

Possess awareness of Serverless/Functions-as-a-service Platforms.

What we offer:

Lightbend is a welcoming, transparent, and highly distributed company dedicated to creating high-performance systems that bring success to all who use them.  With a strong focus on work-life balance, our company offers a fast-paced, collaborative environment mixed with challenging and engaging work. This combination has attracted and retained some of the brightest minds in our technology communities.