Art Lead at Leaftail Labs
Seattle, WA, US

Role: Art Lead (Full-Time)

Company: Leaftail Labs, Inc.

Organization Type: Seed stage startup, video game industry

Location: Fremont, Seattle WA. Must be local or willing to relocate to Seattle WA.

Leaftail Labs is looking for a talented and experienced Art Lead to help us on our quest to pioneer immersive gaming for

everyone. At Leaftail, art Leads are well rounded and accomplished artists and managers with the ability to build

successful teams and dynamic products across a broad range of aesthetics. Their primary goal is to maintain

responsibility for the all up look and feel of the product and are expected to grow and maintain our artistic and cultural

philosophies. This opportunity is a critical-path leadership level role on a small tightknit team with a commensurate

high-impact equity package.

The Art Lead is expected to:

• As a Lead you’ll be expected to foster a collaborative environment as a senior member of the team while being

nimble across various artistic aspects of the product.

• Utilize past experience gained from shipping past and leading teams to craft Leaftail’s all-up visual identity.

• Craft a new foundational IP that explores a heavily stylized Kawaii/Urban Vinyl aesthetic.

• Build upon a background in mobile gaming, augmented reality or immersive art design principles.

• Build and maintain an ongoing “Style-Guides” for the all-up product.

• Collaborate directly with engineers to implement an in-engine look and feel that reflects a balance between

artistic goals and technical constraints.

• Have extensive experience with production content development (2D illustration, graphic design or 3D

modeling) and be capable of implementing assets directly in-engine (Unity).

• Balance production between in-house artists and outsourcing teams through focused and efficient time

management and scheduling.

• Support overall hiring efforts for the organization.

About Leaftail

As a startup, we build fast and learn fast in an environment that is casual but focused. We're building a unique and

intentionally diverse team that is obsessed with immersion and player routine. We focus on concrete, observable

results: work doesn't count unless it's in the build. All good ideas get attention, regardless of role or level. Individual

accountability, respect, a team-oriented attitude, and a continuous effort to learn are the baseline for us at Leaftail.

Our Culture

Being deliberate and active about our team’s culture is important to us and we’re looking for teammates who share the

following values:

• Be a Positive Force: Happy teams build better products, hands down. Each of us brings energy into the team

every day. Be intentional about yours.

• Build Respect and Trust: Create a welcoming environment for everyone to feel heard. Some of us are “thinktalkers” and some are “talk-thinkers.” Make room in the conversation for everyone.

• Be Ready for Change: Change is the only constant and we need a flexible team that can quickly and easily adapt.

Be comfortable wearing many hats—there is no “that’s not my job” here.

• Try Something New: Be willing to try new things, take a crack at a new skill and be comfortable with making

mistakes—it’s the fastest way to learn.

• Be Interesting: Developing our hobbies, passions, and interests makes us all around better people, and better

teammates. We make this super easy by building these ideals right into our office perks!

o Keep Playing: Free games. You pick ‘em, we buy ‘em.

o Keep Reading: Free books. Any books you want; read something interesting and tell us about it!

o Keep It Together: Regular team hangouts at all the rad spots in Fremont.

o Keep Moving: Membership to Anytime Fitness in Fremont.

Compensation Information

Salary: Competitive start-up salaries using a negotiable cash-to-equity sliding scale. Equity: Our “High-Impact” equity

package is an equity allocation for key hires into Leaftail. This package exceeds typical startup ownership opportunities.

Benefits: We offer the following core benefits to all employees in addition to our culture perks: Medical & dental plans,

24/7 monthly parking in Fremont, Fitness plan.