Data Analyst at Canva
Beijing, CN

The Data Analytics team investigates and manages huge volumes of data in order to help our friends in other teams to build the right product.  You’ll be coming into a diverse team of people who really do enjoy finding answers to the problems that the business and our users have.  We can often be found chatting about all the latest trends in data and how we can apply them at Canva.   We’re looking forward to growing the team and gaining a range of new perspectives and ideas on how we can do things better.

Role Responsibilities

Help us understand both Canva and our customers – we want you to be creative and insightful, rather than just throwing the usual metrics at the wall to see what sticks

Suggest, set up, and run interesting experiments that will actually move our metrics – when we push tests to 100% we want to actually see the bump in the relevant graph

Build and maintain dashboards for our product teams, and make them look really good – you don’t need to be a designer or have any design talent, you just need to want to build things that look cool

Use our giant databases to answer the sort of questions that sound really simple but turn out to be challenging (and fun!)

Help us extend data literacy and curiosity throughout the whole company

Required Skills & Experience

Experience with very large data sets — if you’re familiar with that sinking feeling that your computer doesn’t have quite enough RAM for what you’re trying to do, then you’ll be at home here

A grounding in mathematics/statistics and a bachelor’s degree in a STEM area is preferred, but not required

Strong competency with SQL; experience with big data SQL Query Engines like Presto, Hive, or Impala is a plus!

Experience wrangling and analyzing data using Python or R

Experience working with products would be a huge help – optimizing AARRR funnels, and building dashboards that effectively communicate results and outcomes

Strong communication skills – verbal and written – be able to break down complex topics into simple solutions and ideas