Technical Lead at Mocana
Sunnyvale, CA, US

Mocana currently has an open position for Technical Lead at its corporate headquarters offices in Sunnyvale, California.

Position Duties:

Manage and lead at least 10 technical software engineers across time zones. Work on various projects involving the design and development of policy-based and event-based analytics for cybersecurity solutions, and reporting services for Mocana’s TrustCenterTM system to support a variety of IoT devices and interfaces (SSL/TLS, Message Bus). Integrate enterprise systems (such as database servers (MySQL, MariaDB, MSSQL), LDAP directory servers, ticketing systems), message bus protocols and clients (Kafka, RabbitMQ), agile development, and version control and continuous integration (Git, JIRA, Jenkins). Design the services architecture for on-premise and cloud based scalability models. Build project files and scripts (makefile, cmake) for IDE tool chains (MS Visual Studio, Eclipse IDE, Vaadin, Maven). Provide REST APIs for collaboration services. Develop code to Mocana coding guidelines using Java full stack development. Develop Jenkins continuous automation scripts (for test monkeys) in Perl/Python and perform code debugging with static and dynamic analysis tools (Valgrind, Klocwork) and debuggers. Develop web portals for enterprise grade cybersecurity solutions. Build connectors for integration with SIEM services (Splunk, ePO) using authentication protocols (SSO, OAuth2, LDAP). Manage and mentor developers across time zones and create documentation to meet compliance standards (GDPR, IEC 62443).

Position Requirements:

Masters Degree (US or FDE) in Computer Science, Engineering or closely related field plus 2 years of software project management experience involving managing and leading a team of at least 10 distributed senior software engineers across time zones, integrated development environments (IDE) and build scripts (makefile, cmake), Agile development, version control and continuous integration (Git, JIRA, Jenkins), Java Full Stack development, Databases (MySQL, MariaDB, MSSQL),Web portal development for enterprise grade cybersecurity solutions, Policy-based and event-based analytics for cybersecurity solutions, Building connectors for integration with SIEM services (Splunk, ePO), Using authentication protocols (SSO, OAuth2, LDAP),Message bus protocol ls and clients (Kafka, RabbitMQ), and Scripting languages (Python, Perl).