Mechanical Design Engineer at Elroy Air
San Francisco, CA, US
About Us:
At Elroy Air, we are building autonomous cargo aircraft systems that will change the way the world moves goods. Transporting cargo by air can be much faster than by land or sea - but before recent developments in perception, autonomy, electric powertrain and aerospace materials, air transport has remained too expensive. We’re going to change that. And we’re solving a big problem - the express logistics industry worldwide spends $140B annually.
The Elroy team has a proven track record in UAVs and drones, with veterans from 3D Robotics, Airware and Honeywell forming the founding and early team. We’ve started (and sold) hardware companies before. We are engineers, designers and product people who are obsessed with creating robust, easy-to-use technology that solves big real-world problems. 
This isn’t our first rodeo, but there’s a lot of exciting work ahead. You will play a critical part in developing & testing the Elroy Air system.
Our future partners and customers are responding enthusiastically. As we prepare to pilot our vehicles with customers, we are looking for people like you: motivated teammates excited by this mission and by the rare opportunity to develop a world-class autonomous air transport system.
There are a lot of jobs out there that you could easily get, we know that. But - speaking without humility for a second - few will be nearly as exciting as this. Come join us!
This is a full-time position at our headquarters in San Francisco, CA. We are currently working remotely due to Covid-19, so the date you'd be required to be in-person in San Francisco can be determined at a later date.
What You’ll Own:
As Mechanical Design Engineer, you will push innovation, experimentation, optimization, and execution across our team’s broad array of structural, mechanical, and electro-mechanical systems critical to the Elroy Chaparral aircraft. You will conceptualize, design, build, and test the mechatronic and robotic systems on the aircraft that enable successful flight, cargo manipulation, and autonomous ground navigation. We are building a conveyor belt through the sky, and your job is to ensure it functions robustly and effectively.

The Mechanical Design Engineer role has a varied and exciting range of responsibilities

    • Experimentation / Prototyping - employing hand calculations, physical prototypes, empirical testing, as well as simulation tools to develop components, machines, mechanisms, and test equipment which push our ability to characterize, test, iterate, and produce critical systems for our aerial logistics system  
    • Driving technological requirements discussions and determination of how to fulfill those requirements
    • Designing mechanisms - e.g. control surface pivot points, wing junctions, landing gear, cargo handling, etc.
    • Using FEA, structural analysis, and iterative design tools to drive weight & structural optimizations
    • Ideating and Prototyping - working with various teams to productively think through possibilities and the most effective means to address safety, reliability, weight, cost, and more
    • Designing for Manufacturability - Selecting the best production processes, designing for those processes, and creating shop drawings/CAD for vendors to ensure that parts meet our performance goals & cost targets
    • Designing for Assembly/Serviceability - e.g. thinking through and designing appropriate access panels, field replaceable units, and ensuring maintenance accessibility
    • Managing Vendors - Helping to select prototyping and manufacturing partners that will best meet our program needs. Interfacing with vendors to ensure timely delivery and maximize component quality.

Our Ideal Candidate

    • Has at least 5 years of Mechanical or Mechatronic Engineering experience directly pertaining to vehicles or robotic systems
    • Is skilled at designing, building, and maintaining complex electro-mechanical and/or robotics systems 
    • Has an experimental mindset, a respectful yet direct communication style, and is able to drive discussions
    • Is an excellent technical communicator and can quickly and accurately describe issues to teammates, whether they are technically oriented or not.
    • Understands engineering tradeoffs and timelines, and prioritizes smartly to maximize quality.

Bonus points

    • Experience in weight-constrained problem domains such as aerospace.
    • Experience with safety critical systems.
    • Electrical engineering experience, especially power electronics, wire harness design/fabrication, and RF engineering.
What’s In It For You:
You'll work with and learn from a diverse and highly skilled team.
You'll help define a new category of aerial autonomy, and you'll work on novel and never-before-built systems.
As an early addition to a growing team, you'll help shape and define company culture and values.