Senior Data Scientist at CommerceIQ
Bangalore, IN

At CommerceIQ we are building an AI-driven automated growth platform for consumer brands on Amazon. This entails building an auto-piloting system to increase revenues and margins of our brands by finding opportunities, reducing leakages and automating operations in all aspects of Pricing, Promotions, Assortment, Availability, Fulfillment, Forecasting, Search optimization and Marketing.

As part of the core data science team, you will be responsible for developing models, implement algorithms and enable business-critical decisions to build this auto-piloting system operating at a scale of multitude of brands and terabytes of data, by unifying brand’s and competitors data, automating insights and recommendations, and prioritizing actions over them based on impact.

What you would do as a Data Scientist at CommerceIQ:

  • Work on the data science roadmap and build the core engine of our flagship CommerceIQ product
  • Work with large scale e-commerce data of the biggest brands on amazon
  • Apply out-of-the-box, advanced algorithms to complex problems in real-time systems
  • Perform rapid prototyping of experimental solutions and develop robust, maintainable production systems in statistical languages such as R/Python.
  • Drive productization of techniques to be made available to a wide range of customers

Skills and Experience that we are looking for:

  • Modeling - You should be familiar with ML concepts and algorithms; understanding of the internals and pros/cons of models is required. You should have a good grasp of concepts of probability and combinatorics.
  • Algorithms and Data Structures - You should have strong fundamentals of data structures and commonly used algorithms, understanding of correctness and runtime analysis, familiarity with space-time-accuracy tradeoffs;
  • Programming - You should have hands-on programming skills and write good quality code for a given requirement in R/Python. Knowledge of SQL is required. 
  • Familiarity with distributed computing architecture like Spark, Map-Reduce paradigm and Hadoop will be an added advantage.
  • Problem-solving approach; Communication and articulation skills; Inclination and ability to pick up new techniques/technologies.
  • Bachelor’s or Masters in Computer Science or Maths/Stats from a reputed college with 2+ years of experience in solving data science problems that have driven value to customers.

Why you will love to work with us:

  • We have multiple brands, which are among the biggest brands operating on amazon, as our clients. You will be responsible for working with their data and develop models and algorithms to drive lift in tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • We have a flat hierarchy. Everyone codes, everyone ships. You will own components end to end.
  • Forget endless meetings. Get things done and start making an impact from day 1.
  • Work hard, have amazing fun, create history, change the world of eCommerce.