Data Engineer (SQL) at
Austin, TX, US

The team is seeking an experienced Data Engineer (SQL) to help build and maintain our analytics stack and data warehouse in ways that support creating reusable data models, insights, queries and pipelines, for the company and our customers.

As a member of our Product Science team, you will establish yourself as a key expert and evangelist on our data, working cross-functionally to support data self-service and generate reusable data models and assets. The data assets created by this team reliably and easily support generating insights about our business in support of key initiatives. You’ll develop customer-facing reports and metrics that become a part of the product itself. You will build and iterate on a modern, SaaS-based data warehouse, analytics, visualization, and catalog infrastructure stack.

This role is a balance of understanding what makes our business and our customers’ businesses tick, putting data modeling and transformation skills to work, generating analysis and insights, and telling the data story. We’re looking for someone who is able to effectively communicate and collaborate with others, and is passionate about working with data.

What you’ll do:

  • Collaborate with business groups at to ask thoughtful questions and gather requirements around key insights and reporting needs.
  • Engineer lasting solutions that turn application data and streaming events into self-service reports and insights.
  • Develop and maintain a suite of production SQL data models using DBT to transform our streaming and transactional data into a form suitable and efficient for analytics and data science work.
  • Administer and optimize our Snowflake data warehouse and BI infrastructure.
  • Evolve our star schema and data flows to ensure utility and performance. Diagram and document as needed to support understanding and troubleshooting.
  • Write and maintain SQL jobs in support of ETL/ELT and BI analysis, reporting, and visualization, as well as ability to troubleshoot SQL jobs as required.
  • Build and maintain internal data catalog including data dictionaries, glossary, and curated datasets in support of easy self-service by the rest of the company.
  • Develop BI data reports, visualizations, and queries to support measuring our KPIs and supporting the success of our SaaS business.
  • Implement new productized data and analytics capabilities in support of customers understanding their usage and improving data governance.
  • Conduct evidence-based investigations and draw actionable conclusions in support of company and team goals and overall product success.
  • Be a steward and evangelist for data driven culture and data best practices within the company.
  • Be customer zero, leveraging our product and providing feedback as one of the key target users that is actually intended for.


Experience and capabilities you have:

  • 5+ years of SQL experience with ability to write and tune SQL jobs for a variety of usage patterns
  • 5+ years of experience working with BI or data warehouse technologies in support of insights and reporting
  • Strong data modeling experience, for example ETL, ELT, star schema, and other data model and data warehouse concepts, techniques, and best practices
  • Strong interpersonal skills and experience interfacing with others internally and externally from the company
  • Good data visualization skills and ability to choose the best way to present information
  • Good communication and presentation skills with the ability to explain concepts and conclusions around data and insights in a clear, concise, and compelling way
  • Experience working with and administering Snowflake or another similar cloud SQL data warehouse technology
  • Experience working with Tableau, Looker, or other modern data visualization tools

Big pluses:

  • Computer Science degree or equivalent software engineering experience
  • Experience with DBT and/or Python
  • Experience working in for SaaS or enterprise software companies in the data or analytics space


If you have the exceptional combination of skills and qualities that we are looking for, then we’re excited to meet you!

We encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply. We are the world’s largest collaborative data community and we very much believe that our people need to represent the very diverse nature of the community we are serving and the customer base we are winning. We believe that diversity leads to the most creative discussions, ideas and outcomes.