Engineering, Product, and Design Operations at Lattice
San Francisco, CA, US

About Lattice

Lattice is on a mission to build cultures where employees and their companies thrive.  In an age where innovation is happening all around us, there's commonality – people are driving these changes. We offer a solution that helps companies put employees first. Lattice is a people management tool that offers performance reviews, employee engagement surveys, real-time feedback, weekly check-ins, and goal setting in a way that allows companies to focus on employee development, growth, and engagement. Since launching in 2016 we have grown to over 2,000 customers globally, including brands like Slack, Pinterest, Reddit, Glossier, and Asana.

Lattice’s “EPD” organization (Engineering, Product & Design) is a fast growing and impactful team working to improve our product and, through that work, fulfill our mission of making work meaningful. We use a cutting-edge tech stack and love experimenting with new technologies and improving our craft. We're highly collaborative and continuously iterative. We strive to build a high quality, dependable, and delightful product.

About EPD Operations

Lattice’s EPD organization is the fastest growing department at the company, doubling in headcount in 2020 with plans to do the same thing in 2021. EPD Operations is a new role focused on organizational health. We are launching this role to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and happiness of the EPD organization as we scale.

  • Effectiveness means our EPD teams are able to solve the correct problems for our customers, as measured both by product quality and customer satisfaction. 
  • Efficiency means we are solving the right problems quickly, with minimal duplicated effort, measured by go-to-market velocity and overall shipping speed. 
  • Happiness means that everyone in EPD has a sense of connectedness and ownership over their work. We want Latticians to feel like their growth rate is accelerating, and that they are recognized for their efforts. Happiness is measured by our eNPS, belonging scores, and employee retention rate.

The role of EPD Operations is to build and manage systems and programs as we scale. To start, much of this work will focus on partnering with the product team and EPD leadership to build processes and cultural rituals that scale. Over time, this role will involve increased partnership with managers and individual contributors across the EPD organization. We will rely on this person to help us to determine the right prioritization and sequencing of initiatives, but the role will include a combination of the following:

  • Voice of the Business 
    • Ensure we are capturing the right data - both quantitative and qualitative - from the right places (customers, prospects, cross-functional stakeholders, analysts) to make sound product decisions.
  • Roadmapping
    • Scale the process by which EPD defines the product roadmap. Ensure each function has a clear role to play, and understands how their input is incorporated into the process. Keep the process on schedule, centrally coordinate all the stakeholders, and surface key decisions to leadership.
    • Drive the cross-functional alignment necessary to pull off sound strategic sequencing, meaningful product launches and impactful marketing moments.
  • Operational Excellence
    • Build and scale the operating rhythms by which information is surfaced upward, and strategic guidance is provided downward to product development teams.
      Ensure strong decision journaling across EPD to capture and disseminate key information about strategic goals, prioritization, and timelines.
    • Root out corporate time wasting by scaling calendar and meeting preparation practices that support efficient decision-making.
    • Assist EPD leads with Exec & Board level material curation and creation.
  • Culture Building & Internal Communications
    • Build strong heartbeats and consistent operating rhythms that support organizational health. Own the timing and program administration of team health checks, Demo days, EPD All Hands, Bi-weekly Wind Downs.
    • Help provide cross-functional stakeholders with what they need when they need it, while reducing coordination complexity.
    • Build a consistent voice of EPD outward to the organization.
    • Ensure we thoughtfully and authentically celebrate milestones, launches, new hires, and anniversaries.

Qualities & Qualifications

The ideal candidate is a motivated self-starter with leadership qualities that can work both collaboratively and independently in an incredibly fast paced, ambiguous environment with limited supervision. They must be a fast learner who can quickly absorb the nuances of complex situations, simplify them, and then operationalize and maintain solutions at scale. 

They must also have 3+ years of direct exposure to the software industry, in an operational role that worked closely with product and engineering teams.

Additionally, they will possess some combination of the following:

  • Loves operating efficiency as well as people
  • Eager to build programs and systems
  • Able to go 0 to 1, creating processes and then refining them to get the right outcomes faster (and enable quick course correction)
  • Able to both prioritize and parallelize a number of workstreams
  • Loves problem solving 
  • No job too big or too small
  • Is resilient and will rebound from failure
  • Superb verbal and written communication skills. This includes strong executive communication skills, and being able to effectively converse with technical teams (product managers, engineers, designers) and cross-functional stakeholders (customer experience reps, salespeople, marketers) alike.