Site Reliability Engineer at Starship Technologies
Tallinn, EE
Starship Technologies is developing the future of delivery – self-driving robots that bring parcels, groceries and food to people around the world.
We have started commercial operations with hundreds of robots driving along sidewalks across the United States and several countries in Europe. The delivery volumes are growing at a rapid pace and soon we’re expecting to see thousands of robots around the world.
Autonomous robots roaming the streets is a great challenge and brings along some unique engineering challenges both on the physical side of the robot side as well as at the backend. As a Site Reliability Engineer you will work on the backend infrastructure and platform services that make Starship robots move. This includes low latency messaging systems, real-time video feeds, databases, networking, observability infrastructure and much more.

We are looking for someone to:

    • Develop and maintain Starship’s cloud based infrastructure, Kubernetes, Kafka and MongoDb on AWS
    • Automate and simplify infrastructure management; integrate and reuse where possible, write code when you need to
    • Ensure observability of the production environment, from simple metrics and dashboards to custom sidecars and distributed tracing
    • Continuously improve the reliability of Starship’s systems- enable horizontal scaling, automatic failovers, canary deployments and more
    • Analyze systems performance and remove bottlenecks
    • Help define the architecture that scales to cities full of robots, delivering goods 24x7

This role could be a good fit for you if you:

    • Are keen on Cloud Native Technologies and have experience with things like Kubernetes, Prometheus, Grafana, Traefik and Linkerd, but also realize that there is a time and place for “old school” tech
    • Know what makes operating systems, networks, databases and distributed systems tick
    • Know your Linux, are comfortable within the shell environment and know your way around kernel settings
    • Enjoy troubleshooting and won’t let go until you find that tricky race condition or memory leak 
    • Have good experience with Python or GoLang. These are used daily, but you will also be able to work with a variety of other languages
    • Have a “let’s get this done” attitude, but will also take the time to do it right
    • Not only are you a rockstar engineer, but you’re equally good at achieving results through teamwork

Job specifics:

    • Full time contract
    • Location Tallinn, Estonia
    • Part-time remote work is an option
    • Relocation support available
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