Software Engineer (Data) at Second Measure
San Mateo, CA, US
Software Engineer (Data)

As a data engineer, you’ll build the systems responsible for processing massive behavioral datasets and serving analytics queries in sub-second time.

In a given week, you might:

Build, from scratch, a processing pipeline for a new dataset
Work with a data scientist to implement a novel data correction in production
Run a bake-off between GPU-accelerated and pre-aggregated-cube databases

About you:

You straddle the data and infrastructure worlds
You’re comfortable building large-scale data pipelines from the group up
You have years of experience shipping mission-critical code

What gets us excited:

Python/Scala, Snappy, Parquet/ORC, Airflow
Redshift (and Spectrum), Athena/Presto, BigQuery, Druid/Kylin, MapD
Spark, Lucene, AWS Lambda, Mesos